Friday, April 23, 2010

Week 3: Delicious

Hi all,

Learning about Delicious was the most important thing for me this week. This tool is amazing. It opens a new world to you through accessing other peopole's accounts on top of saving your favourite links and sharing it with others. Before knowing about Delicious, I always saved my links into favourites and the list grew very long. I've never lost my links as I have an external hard disk where I keep a backup for emergencies. However, with Delicious I can access my bookmarks anytime and anywhere.

Creating Delicious was not a problem for me, it was very easy through my yahoo account and straight away I started saving my bookmarks and other interesting links our colleagues shared with us. Here is the link to my delicious:

The discussion on aural/oral skills was very interesting this week. As participants come from different parts of the world, each one them has their own experience and own point of view wich provides a rich environment for exchanging ideas. I learned about new links from participants which I found quite useful.

As I mentioned in my post, incorporating technology in our teaching has become inevitable. Most of the ideas mentioned in the articles provided by Deborah this week are applied in my classes with certain modification to suite my teaching context. However, there is alwyas something new to learn as we are long life learners.



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week 2: Search Engines

It's the second week into the course and it's getting very interesting. learning about NoodleTools and the various searching engines is going to make my life a lot easier.
The discussion on Nicenet on this week two topics, search engines and ABCD model for writing objectives, was very constructive. But I have to admit, it takes a long time to read, think about what other people say, and sometimes respond to the discussion. I log in every day and more than once to read the new posts.

I am very glad I learned about the ABCD model for writing objectives. I've always wondered how to write a systematic, well stated objectives that could be understood clearly by the students. I guess writing the objectives has always been the tough part when planning my lessons.

I started thinking about my project for this course, but I still need time to pull it together . I don't want to decide yet, it's still early to have a final decision .

Thats all for this week.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 1: My first blog

Welcome to my space everyone. This is the first time I try to createl a blog. It's a new learning experience for me. Therefore, through this space, I hope we'll be able to communicate our thoughts and ideas, and share our knowledge.

I have to admit, when it comes to technology, I'm really behind, but I'm eager to learn. I was thrilled when I first got accepted in this course. It's a great chance to develop myself and enhance my teaching methods.

Before creating this blog I did a lot of reading on blogs and learned how can blogs be an effective learning tool. I'm going to try this with my students. I tried wikis in the past, but I think this might be different, more appealing, more creative, and I can have control over posts. I know that students log into websites where they post and share comments, opinions, interests, etc. so why not having a private class corner where students can communicate with their teacher, peers and reflect on what goes on in the classroom.

That's all for now