Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 9: Internet Tools

Dear all,

I believe each one of you has been quite busy this week, creating a class or a site, and exploring the different websites for making materials. It was so exciting for me. I wanted to try every thing and didn't know where to start from.
Our task was to create a site using Google sites; or a class on Nicenet; or an exercise, but we ended up doing as many as we could of those choises. I enjoyed looking at the impressive class sites created, and trying some of the interactive materials and worksheets uploaded on our wiki.

I've decided to create a class on Nicenet and a blog, then I tried HotPotatoes to make an interactive matrial. I did it successfuly and it was my first time. I wished I had the time to do more than that but it was the final week of classes and we were preparing for the exams. However, I have about a month before traveling to Syria for the summer vacation and during this time I will try all of these tools and master working with them. The class and blog are plain without any posts or uploads. I'm going to use them the next accademic year and I don't know which level I'm going to teach yet. I want to try to create a site and I know it'll take me some time to do so, therefor, I left it for now and I will come back to it during this month. Is it as easy as you made it seem, or it's hard as some have mentioned?

I will start my teaching on September with many new ideas I want to try and I hope the students would be as enthusiastic as I am. What I learned this week is that we can make teaching very interesting and exciting for both students and teachers with the use of Internet tools. I realize now that what I've been doing for my students was not good enough and keeping updated with the latest trends in teaching is part of our responsibility as teachers.

Have a good week



  1. Dear Maha

    Yes,I was in the same condition as we were in the week 9. There were so many tools and exercises to work on. But I believe that confusion is the beginning of every learning process. We are confused when we have different options and ideas. We explore and read more in order to be clear the confusions. This will promote sustainable learning.

    I always tell my students: If you cannot make clear cofuse them (students). A logical confusion encourages leaners to build up
    their own ideas.


  2. Dear Maha,

    this week has been both a kind of wrap-up and a practical session, where we were challenged to practice all we have learned so far. There are great things which improved ourselves as teachers, which made us undertsand what was wrong with us previously. What I consider extremely important is to continue doing what we started here: it was just the first step.

    At the same time, I hope we'll keep in touch when this course is over and I hope we keep our blogs alive. Otherwise, I feel I will miss something I cannot replace by anuthing else.

    All the best,

  3. Dear all,
    It's true the week has been busy for all. It's time for the final examinations here and I have had to find a balance btween the work and the ccourse. To tell you the truth, if I am asked to take the course another time, I will never choose this period That is the toughest period of the year. I only sleep 4 to 5 hours a day. I feel really exhausted. But the whole thing deserves the trouble. I feel I have become a new teacher. I will never get back to what I was before the course. I've got inspired and empowered and I am looking forward to apply all what I have leanred in my classes.

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