Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 10: Great experience

Dear all,
The last week of the course has come to an end but as Eve wrote on her blog, it's a new start for us. We're parting taking with us plenty of new ideas to try and expermint with in our classes. I believe it's going to be the start for a new era for me.
This has been the first course I do online and it's been a great experience I'd like to repeat. What I've learned on this course will definitely make a difference in my teaching.
One important thing I found out towards the end of this course is that I no longer dislike computers and technology. I used to hate the time I have to start my laptop to do some work. Now my laptop is on almost all the day long, I became very passionate about exploring the various digital tools and websites, whether to use in my teaching or for my own personal needs.
I am contemplating of planning a workshop to communicate what I've learned on this course to colleagues in my institution as I came to realize how important communication is and how much is still out there to be learned. The journey of learning never ends. I"ve already recomended many tools and websites to some colleages and they all asked about the course and how did I find out about it.
We can implement technological changes despite the constraints that we might face, but it should be one step at a time to reach our goal. Teachers should keep trying innovative ideas and not fall in the trap of repeating the same routine and sticking to the textbook. Textbooks guide us, but we have to be selective and make what we choose interesting for the students.
I intend to keep visiting our class on Nicenet from time to time and our blogs page. I'd love to stay in touch with you and hear your news and what you're doing with technology in your classes. I don't want our communication to end with the end of the course and this post will not be my final one.
Best of luck for all of you


  1. Dear Maha,

    it's a great start for you to start loving technology. For me it's the best thing which could have ever happened and I simply can't imagine my life without it.

    I am glad you decided to check our blogs from time to time. I will not disappoint you - my blog will be alive tomorrow on, till the end...

    See you soon around,

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