Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 5: Project-based Learning and WebQuests

Hello Everyone,

It's amazing how time flies. We are half way through our course, week 5 is almost finished and Ididn't feel it. I guess we don't feel the time when we are busy.

I've heard about WebQuests from colleagues at work but didn't exactly know what they are until I learned about them this week on the course. I've tried project-based learning in my classes and it's definitely effective in promoting learners autonomy. Students are motivated because they learn for a purpose to come up with a final product which they will share with the rest of the class. WebQuests are similsar but planned more carefully. The students turn to the Wide Web to collect information, the focus here is on using and organizing the information rather than looking for it. it combines students with different ability levels and brings up creativity.

I've managed to finish my tasks for this week although I had a short weekend because I had to work on Saturday. However, I didn't create a webquest, I only provided a plan for one that I intend to do with my students next semester. I need to spend some more time on it in order to come up with a well planned webquest. I don't have that much freedom to do what I want with my students because we follow a structured syllubus, therefore, I have to manage my time carefully to teach what's required and do my project.
I also searched the net for a webquest that could work for me and found one I believe would be interesting for my students.

I've looked at the webquests created by some of the colleagues on the course and I loved what they did. I hope to do something similar soon.

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  1. Dear Maha,

    You're right, time flies when you're having fun! I always wish that this course wouldn't come to an end because I am learning a lot from it!

    I liked the WebQuest about Haj that you found. I am sure it would work with my students as well. I must try it with them some day!

    Thanks for the link, Maha.



  2. Dear Maha,

    I agree with you: students are motivated when they get their final product. They like to see their work, to touch it, to share it with their freind and families. They get the sense of a good done work. And, later, as they want to improve their work, they will come up with brand new ideas and a new project is ready. At least my experience proved it so far.

    It's nice you managed to do everything on time, and the results are great. You will manage to do the WebQuest, it's such a nice and challengind process, you'll see.

    All the best,

  3. Hi Maha
    I like your post. I everything is new in the course. Every week we are learning new things. The tasks are not only tough but also fruitful for our teaching. Only thing is we cannot take out everything from the websites and use in the classroom.

    I know webquest is time consuming.We need to plan alot and search the materials related to project. But once it is planned there is everything which guides students to become an independent learner.

    Do not worry about the webquest. You can design it later. The important thing is the project plan.